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How do I get the location of the confluence.home directory? How do I display the Confluence System Classpath? Was this page helpful? If you are not sure which version you need, check the version table at the top of this tutorial. my review here

But the form itself still doesn't look so good. I get a BUILD FAILURE Error with 'Please verify you invoked Maven from the correct directory' I get a BUILD FAILURE error with 'Unsupported major.minor version 52.0' Creating an Admin Configuration Add aelement directly after the title.Insert. How do I autowire a component? my company

The @XmlElement annotations declare that the attributes should be treated as XML elements or JSON object properties. How do I ensure my add-on works properly in a cluster? The @XmlRootElement and @XmlElement annotations are JAXB annotations.

When finished, you should see output similar to: ... [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] Tomcat 6.x started on port [5990] [INFO] refapp started successfully in 42s at http://atlas-laptop:5990/refapp [INFO] Type Ctrl-D to shutdown gracefully How do I get the base URL and ContextPath of a Confluence installation? It does so in a way that works with any Atlassian application. Open yourpom.xml.

Users who are writing Writing User Macros or plugins (or customised PDF exports in Confluence 2.10.x and earlier versions) may need to modify Velocity content. To add a link in the 'Plugins' menu in Bamboo's administration area, add the following web-item element. Link to xproduct-admin page.

Step 6. Cheers ChristianSepta Cahyadiputra [Atlassian]May 14, 2012My pleasure :). How do I convert wiki text to HTML? Confluence Data Center Plugin Validator Starting a Confluence cluster on a single machine How do I find Confluence Test Suite?

How do I associate my own properties with a ContentEntityObject? In this example, you'll create a Velocity template to support your GUI. For example: The following condition is true if the current user is a system administrator OR a project administrator: admin project Otherwise, if a built-in theme is activated, the footer will appear twice! -->